Omar Afridi is a London menswear brand launched in 2018 by Omar Afridi. We combine different perspectives to evolve a "Primitive Mode" style - mixing primitive creativity with the sophisticated aesthetic of modernity. Half our garments are produced in Japan and the others in the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain. We carefully select quality fabrics and commission new ones from Japan and England. Each season's collection starts from abstract images, rough drawings and progresses through designs and silhouettes to capture a timeless essence. 



What we say, make, do, wear, and share with others are all parts of who we are. Just as we deeply respect the sanctity of nature, we believe in our task of treasuring rare, resonant ethnic traditions, and of striving to renew the best of our collective past. This is ecology too, for human nature also belongs to nature.

Our mission:

To fashion our futures with grace and authenticity.
Human history will continue to be reflected in all that we make, as will our profound love of craft, the materials we select, beauty, simplicity, and our search for meaning. The entire Omar Afridi project - from clothing to accessories - embodies these rare and precious values.

Our intention:
To live in harmony with nature and with our past.